"White Buffalo Woman" by Oglala Lakota Artist • Dale B. Two Eagles

This lithograph, released in an edition of 2,000, depicts the Holy Woman who brought the sacred pipe to the Lakota and instructed the people in the good way to live. The singers honor her with the song of the White Buffalo Maiden.

" I feel personally that all color, line and form in my paintings are secondary to the prime objective which is to evoke a strong emotional response to the viewer."    -D.B. Two Eagles

n  Image Size: 19" x  25" •  Paper Size: 23-1/2" x 30"  •  Price: $20

"One More Day" by King Kuka • Blackfeet

King's paintings have a spiritual quality which is traditionally Indian. His "soft wet on wet" under-washes leave fuzzy shapes of white paper and snow dots shimmering through the painted area which enhances the spiritual feeling. Kuka's art is distinctive for its symbolism and has a stong sense of design.

Prin  Image Size: 13-7/8" x  20-1/2" • Paper Size: 15-3/8" x 23"  •  Price: $15



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