Carol Snow


Carol Snow • Seneca

"The animal spirits have many lessons to teach us. I know that I am guided when I do these paintings, by the spirits of the animals that I paint; it is their message that you read." -Carol Snow

These images are available as 5" x 7" greeting cards for $2.75 each, and in an 8" x 10" double mat for $10 each. Please click on each image below to see a larger version of the card, the verse, the matted print and shopping cart to place an order. (Note: Wintercount watermark does not appear on printed image)


Spirit Bear Thumb
#201-Spirit Bear

White Buffalo Medicine
#202-White Buffalo Medicine

Wolf Song
#203-Wolf Song

Storm Eagle
#204-Storm Eagle

Where the Bear Walks007#205-Where the
Bear Walks There is Power

Eagle Feathers

#206- Eagle Feathers

Ancient Guardian
#207-Ancient Guardian

Fetish Bear
#208-Fetish Bear

Sun Hawk 2#209-Sun Hawk10

Coyote's Night Sky Shield
#210-Coyote's Night Sky Shield

Wolf Clan Sister
#212-Wolf Clan Sister
Track of the Lion
#213-Track of the Lion