Antique Hand-Colored Greeting Cards• $2.75 each
with American Indian Wisdom, Proverbs, Great Leaders, Life, Love and Healing Songs
These images are available as 5" x 7" greeting cards for $2.75 each, and as an 8" x 10" Matted Print, only $10. Please click on each image below to see a larger version of the card, the verse, the matted print and shopping cart to place an order.

Lakota Wisdom

"Bone Necklace
Oglala Lakota 1899"

Dakota Wisdom

"Charles American Horse-Oglala Lakota

Apache Proverb

"Chief Garfield-
Jicarilla Apache

Child Blessing

"Ojibwa Mother and Child"

Life Song

"Five Riders in Montana""

American Indian Prayer

"The Eagle"

American Indian Prayer

"Prayer to the Thunderbird"

Cheyenne Healing Song

"Red Sleeve-Northern Cheyenne"

For the Children

"Sitting Bull"

Cheyenne Song

"Wolf Robe-Cheyenne Chief"

American Indian Love Song

"Young Kiowa Woman""

Ojibwa Love Song

"The Wooing"

Wisdom of Great Leaders



"Naiche-Chiricahua Apache
Son of Cochise"

Page 1-Indians of the Plains
Page 2-Apache & Navajo
Page 3-Hopi, Pueblo, Northwest, Cheyenne

"Living for seven generations coming"