"The Medicine Hat Stallion" by Gary Montgomery

this copy is on the inside left of the card, leaving the right side blank for a personal message:

This Cheyenne warrior is mounted on his favorite war horse as he prepares to ride into battle. His stallion is decorated with eagle feathers honoring his courage, and his tail is tied up so it will not be in the way during the heat of battle. A warrior depended on the courage and intelligence of his horse to respond quickly in battle. Often, a warrior would use both hands while fighting, and guide his horse with his legs. A good horse was an extension of the rider and would often anticipate the rider's next move.

Take courage, do not be frightened, follow where you see me riding my white horse.
-Cheyenne Wolf Song

Medicine Hat Stallion

5 x 7 greeting card • $2.75

Medicine Hat Stallion

A beautiful gift idea • $10

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in an 8" x 10" double mat, fits a standard frame.


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