Acoma Skies Greeting Card


#1405 "Acoma Skies" Greeting Card

on the inside upper portion of the card:

The spirit of the eagle watches over the ancient village "Sky City" home of the Acoma Indians bathed in the glow of the sun's sacred fire. Believed to be the oldest inhabited Pueblo in America, the surrounding arid region continues to yield food for the people.

Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers.
Cover the heavens with high piled clouds.
Cover the earth with fog, cover the earth with rains.
Cover the earth with great rains, cover the earth with lightnings.
Let the thunder drum over all the earth, let thunder be heard.
Let thunder drum overall, over all the six directions of the earth.
-Storm Song, Zuni

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Acoma Skies Print

#1405 "Acoma Skies" Matted Print

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in a double 8" x 10" mat and fits a standard frame.
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