Elk Stands Alone Card

#1415 "Elk Stands Alone" Greeting Card

on the inside left portion of the card:

The elk was a very important animal to many American Indian tribes. His hide provided leather for soft shirts, leggings, dresses, and moccasins. The meat was used for steaks, stews and jerky. Elk robes were worn by warriors in the winter and used by family for warm blankets. Often elk hides were beaded or painted and used as tipi liners in the winter. As with the buffalo, nothing was wasted.

"Far to the west, far by the sky, stands a blue Elk. That Elk stands yonder, watches over all the females on the earth. Far to the east, far by the sky stands a blue elk. That elk standing yonder, watches over all the females on the earth . . ."

-Dakota Song

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Elk Stands Alone Print

#1415 "Elk Stands Alone" Matted Print

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in a double 8" x 10" mat and fits a standard frame.
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