Honoring the Four Directions card


#1406 "Honoring the Four Directions" Greeting Card

on the inside upper portion of the card:

The mighty eagle as a messenger from the heavens, radiates the power of the four directions to the Cherokee Hoop Dancers. East (red), West (black), North (blue), South (white), bless the dancers as they move like the wind with purpose.

Oh, Eagle, come, with wings outspread in sunny skies!
Oh, Eagle, come, and bring us peace, thy gentle peace!
Oh, Eagle, come, and give new life to us who pray!
-Song from the Hako, Pawnee

5" x 7" Greeting Card • $2.75

Four Directions Print

#1406 "Four Directions" Matted Print

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in a double 8" x 10" mat and fits a standard frame.
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8" x 10" Matted Print • $10.00


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