John Balloue • Cherokee

"As an artist matures his or her focus becomes more involved in concepts rather than purely techniques. What one tries to convey with his or her art form, other than strictly how it is said, becomes the motivation force that increases with time and experience." -John Balloue

These images are available as 5" x 7" greeting cards for $2.75 each, and in an 8" x 10" double mat for $10 each. Please click on each image below to see a larger version of the card, the verse, the matted print and shopping cart to place an order. (Note: Wintercount watermark does not appear on printed image)


#1401-Strut Your Stuff

#1403-Walks with Respect

#1404-Fancy Dancer

#1405-Acoma Skies

#1406-Four Directions

#1407-Cherokee Bird Clan

#1408-Wolf Spirit

#1409-Sacred White One

#1410-Wolf Speaks to Him

#1411-Nature's Eyes

#1414-Two Step
(A wedding blessing)


#1415-Elk Stand Alone

#1416-Beauty & Innocence

#1417-Home of the Brave

#1418-Winter Run

(Birthday Card)

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