Two Stepping Card

#1414 "Two Step" Greeting Card

on the inside left portion of the card:

Grand Father
As we gather here on this special day for this loving couple,

Grand Father, help them remember when they fell in love and their love for each other will grow strong.

Grand Father, we seek your guidance and blessing, we ask you to bless them and keep them safe wherever they may travel.

Now as the snow and rain fall, you will bless the ground they walk on. Each will provide shelter for one another and care for each other.

There will be no cold but the closeness of warmth for each other.
Love will always be strong with the gentle rays of the sun, the beauty of songbirds in spring and summer.

We ask you Grand Father for the blessing of kindness, the tender touch always, as well as forgiveness of each other.

Grand Father, guide this couple in ever lasting love and union for they are one family now.

Amen A-ho

Kenny Frost, Ute

5" x 7" Greeting Card • $2.75

Two Stepping Print

#1414 "Two Step" Matted Print

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in a double 8" x 10" mat and fits a standard frame.
Buy assorted pictures for a beautiful wall grouping.
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8" x 10" Matted Print • $10.00


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