Winter Run card

#1418 "Winter Run" Greeting Card

on the inside upper portion of the card:

Horses became extremely important to the tribes of the Great Plains. Besides providing mobility for hunting and moving camp, horses gave an advantage in war. Usually a warrior's horse was an extension of himself. He would decorate his horse with eagle feathers and paint designs that had meanings known to his enemies as well as his comrades. A greatly decorated horse told of the courage and bravery of his rider in battle.

"My horse be swift in flight, even like a bird;
My horse be swift in flight, bear me now in safety far from my enemy's arrows and you shall be rewarded with streamers and ribbons red."

Warrior's song to his horse

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Winter Run Print

#1418 "Winter Run" Matted Print

The 5" x 7" image is mounted in a double 8" x 10" mat and fits a standard frame.
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