Leonard Peltier - Lakota/Ojibwa
"I learned to draw before I could read or write,
and it was kind of a way to communicate for me. Art was what I was good at.
Having people buy my artwork and knowing that in this way I am
able to share my art really makes me feel good."
- Leonard Peltier

These images are available as 5 x 7 greeting cards $2.75 • in an 8 x 10 mat $10 •.
The "Protector of the Woods" is available as an 8-1/2 x 11-1/2 print, custom matted $45
matted and framed $95 (matting and frame shown below)

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Painting in color by Leonard Peltier of Sitting Bull sitting on a stool, surrounded by children of all ages and ethnicities

#1901 - Sitting Bull With Children

painting of a young native american girl in pink and purple dress and dance shawl, holding arrows in one hand, background is sky and sandstone rocks

#1903 - Arrow Girl

Protector of the Woods painting by Leonard Peltier-color portrait of a Native American Man, face painted, feathered animal headdress,peering from behind a tree

#1902 - Protector of the Woods

painting of a young native american boy in full fancy dance costume of beads, feathers and jingles

#1904 - First Fancy Dance

Protector of the Woods Framed

Protector of the Woods • Open Edition Print
This powerful image is beautifully framed with a custom cut and feathered double-matted,
and framed with a walnut two-tone finished wood frame.
Print Size: 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" • Mat Size: 14" x 17" • Frame size: 17" x 20" (approximately)

$45 Matted/Unframed

$95 Matted/Framed

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