Mark Silversmith • Navajo

"I try to capture the American Indian of the Plains, the Northwest and the Southwest. I want to capture all traditions. That's what I'm known for, landscapes with shots of Indian culture such as a group trekking across the snow."

These images are available as 5" x 7" greeting cards for $2.75 each, and in an 8" x 10" double mat for $10 each. Please click on each image below to see a larger version of the card, the verse, the matted print and shopping cart to place an order. (Note: Wintercount watermark does not appear on printed image)


Pride and Joy image

#1101-Pride and Joy

Fifteen Miles From Home

#1103-Fifteen Miles From Home
#1104-The Rendezvous

Song for the Ancients image

#1105-Song for the Ancients

Scouting the tracks image

#1106-Scouting the Tracks

Camp of the high Plains image

#1107-Camp of the High Plains
#1108-Breaking Mist

Reflections of Victory

#1109-Reflections of Victory

Early SpringThaw

#1110-Early Spring Thaw

Canyon de Chelly

#1111-Guardian of Spider Rock
Good Omen
#1112-Good Omen

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