Pride and Joy Card

#1101 "Pride and Joy" • 5 x 7 greeting card • $2.75

Verse is on the inside left of the card, leaving the right side blank for a personal message.

The children are the pride and joy of the family, the clan and the tribe. They will become the caretakers and teachers of the Navajo tradition while learning how to live in a contemporary society.

Now the Mother Earth and the Father Sky, meeting, joining one another, helpmates ever, they.
All is beautiful, all is beautiful, all is beautiful, indeed.
-from Song of the Earth, Navajo

Pride and Joy Matted Print

#1101MP - "Pride and Joy" • 5" x 7" image in an 8" x 10" double mat • $10


Note: The Wintercount Logo watermark is not on print or card.