Michael Horse Photo

Michael Horse is a Native American artist of Yaqui, Mescalero Apache, Zuni and European descent. He was born outside of Tucson, Arizona and grew up in an artistically talented family of jewelers, potters and painters. Michael is an accomplished jeweler, actor, stuntman, sculptor, and painter. He has appeared in many movie and television productions. His jewelry and paintings are shown in galleries around the world and many prestigious museums have featured his artwork.

"I was taught by my elders that you cannot be a whole and healthy individual without art in your life."

"MEETING OF THE BRAVE ONES" (He Wolf and Plenty Scalps)
from an original painting by Michael Horse on ledger paper

available as a 5" x 7" greeting card for $2.75 each (shown above)
and as a 8" x 10" matted print for $10. (shown below)

verse: "You cannot harm me, you cannot harm me, one who has dreamed a dream like mine.”
-Dakota Warrior Song


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