"CORN SONG" by SS. Burrus • Cherokee Artist

this copy is on the inside top of the card, leaving the lower section blank for a personal message:

The staple of our tribe is the sacred corn where we begin to share and return to traditions. There is no greater song of love than the Corn Song, for it honors the Corn Maiden who shared her bounty and gave her life for the people. We give to her in the Green Corn Dance to honor her sacrifice of sharing.
-SS. Burrus

Blue evening falls.
Blue evening falls.
Nearby, in every directions,
it sets the corn tassels trembling.

Tohono O'Odham Song, Papago



Corn Song Card

#1505 "Corn Song" • 5 x 7 greeting card • $2.75

Corn Song MP

#1505MP - "Corn Song" • 5" x 7" image in an 8" x 10" double mat • $10


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