"HORSING AROUND" by SS. Burrus • Cherokee Artist

this copy is on the inside left of the card, leaving the right side blank for a personal message:

When the horse and the American Indian met, it seemed they were meant to be together. The people were able to train the horse for transportation, hunting and warfare. The horse became such an integral part of Indian life that they were companions rather than work animals. The Indians' respect was so great that they attributed supernatural powers to the "sacred dog".

Daybreak appears when a horse neighs

-from Song of the Horse Society, Lakota

Horsing Around Print

#1502 "HORSING AROUND" • 5 x 7 greeting card • $2.75

Horsing Around Matted Print

#1502MP - "HORSING AROUND" • 5" x 7" image in an 8" x 10" double mat • $10


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