"LONG IN TOOTH" by SS. Burrus • Cherokee Artist

this copy is on the inside left of the card, leaving the right side blank for a personal message:

As we get older our teeth keep growing, along with our ears, and this signifies age.
This mustang and brave have grown long in tooth together.
The brave is recording their deeds and adventures together, on a hide painting often referred to as a wintercount. This will show others the respect and love they have for each other.

Friend, My horse flies like a bird as it runs.

-from Song of the Horse Society, Lakota

Long In Tooth Art/Card/Print

#1501 "LONG IN TOOTH" • 5 x 7 greeting card • $2.75

Long In Tooth Matted Print

#1501MP - "LONG IN TOOTH" • 5" x 7" image in an 8" x 10" double mat • $10


Note: The Wintercount Logo watermark is not on print or card.