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The idea of Wintercount is to expose Indians and non-Indians to the many diverse cultures of the American Indian Nations. With the help of the artists included in these pages we are able to offer Native American Art that ranges from traditional to contemporary. You will find totem animals from the Northwest Coast, maidens of the Southwest Pueblos, People of the Plains, Navajo landscapes and families, historical leaders and Native American animal spirit helpers. We have reproduced the original paintings as Greeting Cards, Limited Edition Prints & Matted Prints.

The inside of each card contains a quote, song or prayer of American Indian origin.
A personal note or message can be added to the blank side of the card.
There are also Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards and Cards for Special Occasions
with printed wishes and greetings.

The Indian Inspirational prints continue the tradition of Wintercount with artwork
and words of Inspiration that are beautiful and unique to Wintercount. Each mat is
hand painted and the Inspirational message is of American Indian origin. Our limited edition and open edition prints are beautifully matted and can be purchased framed or unframed. All prints contain a biography of the artist.

Wintercount is very proud of the artists we work with and the products we produce.
We guarantee the authenticity and quality of our products. We publish American Indian Artists exclusively and each artist receives a royalty on their artwork.

To our many customers who have supported Wintercount over the years we sincerely
say Thank You! We could not have achieved what is on this web site without you.

The name Wintercount derives from the recorded history of the Plains Indians. Many Plains Tribes depicted special events on a buffalo hide or "Story Skin". The Lakota people referred to their hide paintings as "Winter Counts". Each winter the tribal historian would reflect on the previous year and record what he felt was the most important event. The picture above records the artists that are the history of Wintercount.

"Living for Seven Generations Coming"

Many North American Indian Tribes adhere to the philosophy that each generation is the caretaker for the future generations. We must think and plan carefully when using our natural resources to insure their well being. We at Wintercount believe in that philosophy and hope our generations will happily, yet seriously, accept our responsibility. Our grandchildren's children will thank us.

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All Rights to the Artwork on this site, and its use in any form,
are reserved by the Artists and Wintercount, Inc.